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Jordan 3 Retro Fear Pack (2013)

Jordan 3 Retro Fear Pack (2013)

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Nothing sells Air Jordans better than nostalgia and we all know Nike has many of our most cherished memories wrapped up in vintage commercials like the one that inspired the Air Jordan 3 "Fear Pack" colorway. The Jordan 3 "Fear Pack" released along with an Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 5 in similar sinister-like colorways right around Halloween, giving the impression that the "Fear" nickname had something to do with the spooky holiday. But once the sneaker blogs got their eyes on the insoles of the Jordan Fear Pack, it was clear the inspiration was from the quote "I'm scared of what I won't become. You're scared of what I could become." that originated back in 2008 with the commercial titled "Look Me In The Eyes." Unlike the leather upper of the original AJ3 designs, the Jordan 3 Fear Pack colorway features a black nubuck upper with orange accents and a speckled midsole that fades from black to silver as you move from back to front of the shoe. Nostalgia or not, the Night Stadium/Total Orange-Black colorway of the Air Jordan 3 Retro "Fear Pack" released in 2013 during an era where it was almost certain that any Jordan Retro release would sell out.

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